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“Nature Kids Worldwide Hand in Hand”

International Day for Forest Kindergartens


 Flensburg March 2018 - For the first time – on 3rd May 2018 the 1st International Day for Forest Kindergartens will take place.

Why on this special day?

On 3rd May 1993 the first officially recognised Forest Kindergarten was started in Flensburg Germany. The idea of this Action Day was the inspiration of Andreas Niesel from the Forest Kindergarten Association, Lower Saxony, Germany.

The motto

“Nature Kids Worldwide Hand in Hand” presents the initiative for this special day for 2018.

All Nature Kids are invited to take part, and Worldwide there are over 20 countries involved in this International day. It will be a day in the Forest with all sorts of activities including sports, cooking, and camping. The initiative wishes to invite all Nature Kids, Forest Schools, Kindergartens, Playgroups Nurseries, and Forest trail and activity groups to take part in this special day. All Nature Kids are invited, and as the Children of the Earth to say “We are here, because its about our Future“

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Forest Kindergarten Anthem

The Musician, and natural educator and kindergarten teacher Marius Tschirky from Switzerland has written an anthem dedicated to all Nature Kids of the World.  The Forest Kindergarten Anthem will appear in three languages; German, Swiss German and English. With this song and anthem the initiative has a vision for the Forest and Nature Kids of the World to unite together with a symbolic green belt and join hands.

Tree -Mosaic –Photo

Forest and nature children have many faces, and these will be collected in photos and put together in a Large Tree –Mosaic-Photo. The tree expresses that children who are out in nature, intuitively build an intimate relationship with nature. These children love being outdoors because they can learn and use their senses, outdoors in wind and weather, in all seasons. Learning is provided by nature itself, and invites you to perceive with new curiosity and enthusiasm. Almost spontaneously, it supports them to develop and shape their own lives.

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