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Welcome to the 'Global Forest Kindergarten' platform

As the initiators of the 1. International Day of Forest Kindergarten we founded this platform as a possibilty of and support for a global connection for all forest-, nature- and wilderness education groups.

For all worldwide forest-,  nature- and wilderness education groups

'Nature Kids Worldwide Hand in Hand' was written to be a song that could unite all nature kids of the world.
We found Marius Tschirky, a musician, childcare worker and nature educator from Switzerland and got him to write this hymne for us.
The song can easily be played by anyone in a forest on a guitar. Melody and lyrics will be provided for everyone to use for free.

Nature Mosaic

We are planning to collect "Nature Kids Worldwide Hand in Hand' photos from all of the countries of the world and unite them in a big mosaic tree.
We would love if all nature groups that are taking part would send us a picture. The tree at the end... will be made up of many little pictures that is meant to stand as a symbol for all nature kids in the world.
The big tree then can be used for advertising or presentation with name address and country added by any partaking group or institution.

Mail us at: Nature Office

Thank you Ina Gühmann for the English version

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